Boogie&SwingNight and "OberschwabenSwingNächtle"

Boogie&SwingNights take place in Ulm, around Ulm & allaround Ulm, i.e. in the near vicinity of Ulm.

"OberschwabenSwingNächtle" - what's behind it
we were often told:
"... Coming to Ulm is sometimes complicated, why do we always have to drive so far to be able to swing our legs like-minded?"
This led to the idea of ​​simply bringing an event for all Boogie & Swing Dancers to their own region and still being able to enjoy the evening to the fullest, as only small agreements have to be made in advance.

If you are interested, simply send an email to and we will contact you.

The "OberschwabenSwingNächtle" thus offers one more option, without great organizational effort and without any risk for a club, to celebrate a boogie & swing party "on the doorstep" with all its members and friends.
We refer to this area as "OBERSCHWABEN"